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The WAG (Wireless Audio Gesture) is an innovative effects controller in the form of a wireless finger ring - typically worn on the 3rd or 4th finger of the strumming hand. The WAG Ring utilizes a capacitive sensor to measure the proximity of skin to the ring band. This allows the WAG to measure the opening and closing of the hand or spreading of the fingers on either side of the ring. This frees a guitarist from dancing on pedals and integrates effects control into the performance without requiring any flailing of the hand or taking the hand away from the strings. In fact, with the WAG, your effects begin to feel like a natural extension of your guitar - like you are playing your effects rather than controlling them. Use the WAG to switch effects and/or as an expression controller - with spontaneous control on a note by note basis without returning to your effects pedal. The WAG is powerful, yet simple to use and provides a new tool for creative mastery and a new way to stand out among others guitarists.

The WAG system consists of the WAG ring, a Base Unit (Effects Controller), a battery charger for the ring battery, and wall power supply transformer. The WAG ring detects hand gestures and wirelessly transmits that information to the Base Unit. The Base Unit interprets the information, tailors the hand gestures to your playing style, and sends the appropriate control signals to your connected effects gear using an Expression Pedal Output and/or MIDI Output. The WAG system does not provide its own effects, but rather brings new life to traditional effects gear, and provides a platform for future innovation.

WAG Ring Features

•2.4 Ghz Wireless Operation (4 Channels, 100 Foot Range)
•LED status indicators
•Touch Sensor in Lid (for pausing ring and changing radio channels)
•Rechargeable LIR 2032 Battery (included, replaceable, 8 hours continuous use)
•Adjustable Ring Band – Fits ring finger sizes 7.5 to 11.5. Or wear it on your pinky.
•Capacitive Proximity Sensor for use in effects control

WAG Base Unit Features

•20 Configurable User Patches
•Effects Switching
◦Switching between 2 configurable Continuous Controller or Expression Pedal values
◦Switching between 2 Program Control Numbers (Effects Patches)
◦Momentary and Latch switching modes
◦Adjustable Sensitivity
◦Reversible Direction of Control
•Expression Control (e.g., Wah, Volume Swells, Delay Mix, Rotary Speed, etc)
◦Expression Pedal and MIDI Continuous Controller
◦Reversible direction of control
◦Damping Curves - for smoother transitions
◦Configurable Range of Hand Control (Zones)
◦Expression Hold
•1 Expression Pedal Output - emulates analog potentiometer based expression pedals
•1 MIDI Out - for Continuous Controller and Program Change control messages

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