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The DEFINITIVE TIS Transmitter
Whether your installation is a roadside in blistering
SoCal, or a solar powered mountain top in Alaska,
MTS10W has the reliability, efficiency, and fault
tolerance to keep you on the air in the most adverse
Features Include: Dual audio inputs with automatic
switching, built-in watt meter, efficiency never
been seen before in any TIS transmitter, and Windows
USB Setup, configuration and monitoring
utility. Assembled using advanced computer controlled
SMT Technology. A thoroughly modern,
rugged, TIS transmitter for today’s applications.
Product Specifications
Frequency Range: 530 KHz to 1700 KHz
Frequency Tolerance: 5 Hz
Modulation: AM, Self Adjusting Level Control
Bandwidth: 3.4 KHz
Power Output: 0.1 to 10 Watts Adjustable
Output is fault tolerant for short/open load
Built-in Audio Processor
Bi-Directional RF Watt Meter
Audio Inputs: 600 ohm balanced, -10 dBm
Input Power: 11-15 VDC 2 Amps Max
RF Output Type: Class D High Efficiency
Modulator Type: Class S High Efficiency
Operating Temperature: -30 to +65 C
USB Configuration/Monitoring software
LCD Display for local monitoring
Modulation Indicator
Power Monitoring
Suitable for Solar Powered Installations
Size: 2.5”H x 6.5”D x 5.5” W
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Ordering Information:
Model MTS10W P/N 7100-000
Options and Accessories:
10 MHz Ext Ref Input P/N 7100-300
Rack Mounting Kit P/N 7100-025
Hi-Efficiency Power Supply P/N 7100-400

Your Price:
150.00 lbs