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Alarms on specific events for your area
Features include:
Sensitive, stable FM Receiver
EAS compatible Alarm Decoder
Select up to 4 counties
Select specific Alarm Events
Primary and Alternate FM stations
Internal Speaker
Preset Volume Control
Non-volatile memory
Serial data output
Remote alarm relay
Remote audio ouput
External antenna connector
24 Hour Backup Battery Operation
Compatible with EAR Watch
Ideal for home, school and office
Includes antenna and wall power unit
Product Specifications
Physical Size
3.3 (w) x 6.3 (l) x 1.2 (h) inches
Operating Environment
Extended Indoor Environment
0 to +50 degrees C.
0 to 95% R.H. (Non-Condensing)
Power Input: 12Vdc @ 200 mA max.
115Vac wall transformer supplied
Tuning Range: 88.1 to 107.9MHz
Tuning Steps: 200 kHz
Maximum Input Level: +10 dBm
Input Impedance: 50 ohms
Audio Bandwidth: 10 kHz
Carrier Threshold: 2uV
Sensitivity: 2uV for 10 dB S/N
AM Suppression: 45 dB
Pre-Programmed for your area

Your Price:
30.00 lbs